Holistic Wellness Australia

At Holistic Wellness Australia we are dedicated to providing professional holistic health and wellness Services for mind Body Spirit Wellness.

Services include:

Counselling | Psychotherapy | Integrative Medicine | Remedial & Sports Therapy | Therapeutic & Life Coaching | Equine Assisted Therapy | Sound Therapy | Past Life Regression Therapy | Reiki | Flower Essences | Essential Oils | Spiritual Guidance | Crystal Therapy


COVID-19 Update:

Now that we are living with Covid19 we ask all clients to respect our staff, clients and community by not attending the center if you are showing any signs of Covid19. We continue to provide counselling & coaching services in person to those who are not showing signs of being unwell. If you are feeling unwell we ask that you call to change your session to a secure confidential Telehealth video call so you can access our services from the safety of your home. At this point we will continue to see both vaccinated and un-vaccinated clients. We are following government regulations and cleaning the center after each client. Your safety is our priority.


Our center is set in a quaint little cottage in Elimbah Qld among natural country setting, open fields, birds, wildlife, horses and lots of pineapples. We hope you will come and enjoy the surrounding, healing, support and continue to be a part of our community.


Holistic Wellness Australia Counselling and Holistic Therapies
Counselling and Holistic Therapies forNDIS Clients

We Support Diversity and Inclusion of People from all Walks of Life.

NDIS Participants Welcome


I see Natalee regularly for counselling and coaching. I find her knowledge insightful and every session helps me move closer to my real self. I have done the Safe and Sound Protocol and highly recommend this treatment. I am less anxious and more emotionally regulated than I have ever been. I have less breakdowns and have days where I can now see a positive future.
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Kat Fredricks
Natalee and the therapists at Holistic Wellness Australia are very professional and know their stuff. I am so glad I found Natalee. My life and relationships make sense now and I am happier than I have ever been. I highly recommend Natalee she has helped me more in a few months than my psychologist has in years.
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S. Mulligan


The Practitioners at Holistic Wellness Australia are registered and qualified professionals and work with a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit wellness.

They do not prescribe or diagnose any named diseases unless qualified to do so. Our therapists will refer you to other professionals for a diagnosis or further treatment if they are professionally required to.

We do not keep clients from seeking their own independent medical advice or treatment and advise you do speak to your practitioner about any treatment you are planning on receiving to ensure it compliments your health needs.

Any spiritual guidance obtained through sessions or services is guidance only and all clients are to sign an agreement to show that they understand these services require the client to consider all guidance as just that and no advice will be given. Clients are to make their own decisions and not base them on any one form of guidance alone.

We hold high regard for our services and only seek the best therapists and practitioners that have reputable qualifications and insurance.

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