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What is Counselling

Counselling is a talk based therapy where you can discuss in a safe, friendly and confidential environment your concerns and issues.

Mental health, relationships, career, and general every day stress can be resolved through counselling.

We provide counselling which is a modality for working with people who are struggling with in depth mental and emotional health conditions such as extreme long term anxiety, depression, stress or trauma.

General Counselling typically deals with issues that are relatively easy to resolve on the conscious level whereas psychotherapy is more intensive and extensive and examines a person’s psychological history from birth.

Our therapist Natalee Cooper is a counselling psychotherapist and certified clinical trauma professional and can support you in both these areas and will help you understand yourself & any conditions and provide treatment to help you manage or heal & live a fulfilled life.

Counselling generally refers to a short-term consultation of around 3-6 weeks while psychotherapy usually refers to a longer-term treatment potentially years.

A referral will be made if our counsellor thinks you need the support of another professional such as a psychologist or doctor and may continue to see you while you also see other therapists.

Note a counsellor & psychotherapist is not always a psychologist. For more information on the differences between these therapists you can read more here.

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Natalee Cooper Counsellor

Our Counsellor: Natalee


Our counsellor Natalee is a qualified and registered mental health counsellor/psychotherapist and will listen to you and support your health and wellbeing journey.

What makes our counsellor so effective and different to most mainstream counsellors is in the extensive additional mental health and trauma specific training she has had.

Natalee has undertaken extensive training in Polyvagal theory and Safe and Sound Protocol, Compassionate Inquiry. She has learned additional techniques to help her clients overcome addiction, anxiety, codependence, ADHD, and other difficult mental health challenges so they can have healthier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

She has 10+ years experience working with clients. As a holistic therapist Natalee takes into account the mind-body-spirit connection. 

 Natalee provides a safe and non-judgemental space for you to come and discuss any issues you may have and all sessions are private and confidential.

Natalee also offers psychospiritual transpersonal counselling for those who are spiritually connected. She is an integrative medicine for mental health professional and able to support you with nutrition and supplements for mental health as well as provide you alternatives to anti depressants and other pharmaceutical medication.


Bookings & Fees

To See If Counselling Is Right For You:

Please contact us for a free 10 minute chat. We can discuss any questions you have and make a booking if it suits you.

*Holistic Wellness Australia’s counsellors are fully qualified and registered

*Medicare rebates not available (Only psychologists can claim rebates) therefore we do not accept doctors mental healthcare plans

Sessions available via Telehealth, Phone or in Person

Telehealth is an internet based video call that has a private and confidential platform. It is free and easy to join. Your counselor will contact you via email before your session with a link to join your session.

Counselling Fees: $135-$150/hr

For more information on counselling please see our FAQ Page