Counselling FAQs

uncovering the differences between counsellor, psychologist and psychiatrist

What Is Counselling

Counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry are all therapeutic fields.

Counselling is a very broad term used for any talk based therapy. It can include areas such as mental health, finance, relationships, career etc. A counsellor listens to you and helps you find solutions and strategies to help you with your concerns in their specialised area. They are focused on building a relationship with you to get to know you and your concerns and then provides treatment.

Counsellors  study communication, problem solving, behaviour, life span development. Many counsellors study general counselling and then go on to specialise in specific issues.

The title counsellor often gets confusing when mixed with other mental health therapists. A counsellor can be a psychotherapist if they focus on mental health. Psychotherapy commonly refers to long term therapy where the therapist will discuss in depth your history and family history and can be ongoing therapy such as a year or more of weekly sessions. Counselling is usually a short term therapy, based on a specific issue such as mental health, career, relationships, or finances.

At Holistic Wellness Australia our therapist Natalee is a counsellor and psychotherapist specializing in mental health, trauma, grief and loss, relationships, career guidance.

What Counselling is Not! Differences Between Therapists

Counselling does not include the diagnosing of disorders. Both psychology and psychiatry are focused on mental health and are science based research and diagnostic fields.
Psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to diagnose acute and complex mental health conditions using a tool called DSM5. Some counsellors can gain extra training to use this tool.
While psychologists and psychiatrists are quite similar, the main difference is that psychiatrists specialise in the biological causes of mental illness, while psychologists focus more on the cognitive (mind) and behavioural aspects. Psychiatrists are medical doctors with specialist qualifications in psychiatry and can prescribe medications and admit people to hospital (psychologists can’t do this).
Psychiatrists can cost between $300-500 a visit.
Psychologists can cost between $100 to $300 a visit
Counsellors can cost between $50-$200 a visit.
These will all vary depending on their specializations and training.
A counsellor will refer you to these specialists if you need a diagnosis. Often general issues such as mild anxiety, depression, relationship issues etc are able to be worked through with a counsellor.
Some psychologists call themselves counsellors, this means they provide treatment and strategies as well as their diagnosis.
*For more information you can read the ACA mental health professionals industry guide of the disciplines. Click here to read.

How Long are Counselling Sessions?

Counselling sessions are 45-60 minute sessions however you can book longer sessions if you feel you want more time to discuss your concerns, goals and receive treatment and strategies.

How Many Counselling Session will I Need?

Everyone’s situations are different. Some people may be happy with one session and others may need ongoing weekly sessions. On average most people have around 4-6 sessions, these may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your situation.

Issues that had intense affects on a persons life such as child abuse or mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression that has been experienced for more than 2 years may require long term psychotherapy. Some clients with chronic mental health issues may require weekly or fortnightly sessions for a year or more.

Is Counselling Confidential?

The counsellor may keep notes on your case. You can ask to see the counsellors notes at anytime. Confidentiality is your right to privacy.
All personal information gathered by a counsellor or discussed during the counselling sessions will remain confidential and secure except when:
  1. It is subpoenaed by a court; or
  2. You inform the counsellor you want to harm yourself or others; or
  3. Your counsellor needs to refer you to another professional and will obtain your permission to share your details so the other practitioner can support you.

Cancellations, No Shows and Late Arrivals:

24 hours notice of cancellations is required – call 0417 839 548 to reschedule your appointment
You are allowed 1 cancellation for emergency situations outside this 24 hours. Please call to cancel or you will be billed full fee.
All other missed/unattended sessions will be billed at full price.
We will text or call you to confirm your appointment a day before your appointment.
If you are late for your session there will be no extra time allocated for you as other clients will be booked in so please ensure you leave ample time to attend at your appointed time, you will still be required to pay full fee.

Bookings & Fees

To See If Counselling Is Right For You:

Please contact us for a free 10 minute chat. We can discuss any questions you have and make a booking if it suits you.

*Holistic Wellness Australia’s counsellors are fully qualified and registered

*Medicare rebates not available (Only psychologists can claim rebates) therefore we do not accept doctors mental healthcare plans

Sessions available via Telehealth, Phone or in Person

Telehealth is an internet based video call that has a private and confidential platform. It is free and easy to join your session via a link emailed before your session.

Counselling Fees: $165/hr inc Gst.