I’ve seen many therapists over the years, and have never felt the level of support I do with Natalee. I am studying my masters in social work and feel it is challenging to find great fits when working reflectively on myself, and finding Natalee has felt like more than just a coincidence in this time of my life. I feel as though our therapeutic alliance is strong and that I’m learning new things from her in each session we have together. If anyone is interested in more feedback I’m more than happy to connect to discuss. I feel lucky to have come across Holistic Wellness Australia and I’m grateful for the incredible work we’re doing together. If you’re on the fence and considering beginning work with Natalee, take a deeper dive into some YouTube videos about personal enquiry and internal family systems to gain some knowledge on how a few of the theories that we personally use together, work. Natalee is a holistic therapist that is able to use many different modalities with her clients, so these two are only a couple of the many elements that influence her practice (by no means limited to these only). I look forward to my sessions and want to put in the work necessary— I feel motivated to heal parts of myself where I never fully did before.
Edie Kalman
Social Worker
I contacted Natalee regarding the Safe and Sound Protocol I saw on a Facebook group for anxiety and gut health. I have since completed the 3 months of SSP and I can't say enough about how different I am feeling. I am much more calm, my gut health has improved, I feel like my sleep has improved and I am not getting so many stomach upsets as I did before doing this program. I feel like I am getting my life back. Natalee is so supportive and always available to answer questions and is so knowledgeable about SSP. She is a great therapist. Thank you so much for all your help.
Amanda. S
Natalee is an angel. I can not say enough how amazing,caring patient & decocted Natalee is to my family. I have just finished the safe & sound protocol and I have a deeper level of feeling calm & at peace in my self. ( for years I have done meditation, breathing and anything else to find inner peace). From the first day of SSP I could feel a deeper level of being calm and ok with what is going on in my life. I feel at ease having conversations without being concerned how the other person will react. I am calmer & stronger in myself & I am loving the inspiration I am feeling to do new things.
Sean. H
I couldn't recommend Natalee @ Holistic Wellness Australia enough. We have been working together for a little over 2 months now and from the first session I was completely at ease, heard and supported. Although it may seem like a massive step, to turn and face the shadows within, the guidance and safe space Natalee holds, each and every session, encourages the self confidence and commitment to make peace with that with is warring or hurting within. I am grateful for all Natalee has done and continues to do. I am forever better for it. Thank you Natalee.
G. Turton
Warehouse Manager
I have worked with a variety of practitioners that use different modalities over the course of my life, and for the first time I feel like I am beginning to make progress in healing wounds (big or small) that have impacted the way I behave in a variety of capacities. When I first reached out to Natalee, I came from an emerging Social Work orientation where I was trying to find someone I could work with that I could relate to, but most critically could teach me an entirely new framework of how to unpack my emotional responses. From my first point of contact with Natalee where we consulted to determine whether or not we would be a good fit for one another, I felt entirely supported. We have built an incredible therapeutic alliance over our first four sessions, and for the first time ever I feel excited to jump into the "hard work" that therapy entails (I say hard work and put it into quotations because I personally feel as though we must be committed to wanting to make positive change, for any effective progress to actually eventuate). Natalee and I work together over zoom, and I never believed it would feel as real as an in person session...but I was so wrong. I set my laptop up as if Natalee is in front of me, and the connection has always been perfect so far (fingers crossed!). Internal family systems is something that took me a couple sessions to fully wrap my head around, but after my latest session with Natalee, I'm so sure it is the right modality for me. If you are looking to build a non-judgmental, trusting relationship with a counsellor, Natalee has so much compassion empathy for her clients and I encourage you to reach out for a consultation with her. It was the best choice I've made in a long time. If anyone feels they would like to hear more about my experiences with her and are currently trying to find the right fit of practitioner for them, I am open to being contacted through Natalee.
E. K.
Life changing experience. I completed the safe N sound protocol 3 weeks ago now, I can honestly say I am a different person I would drink a bottle of wine every night by track 3 I decided to stop, no side affects, no withdraws, my relationships have improved. I laugh more, feeling so relaxed, I can even mingle with strangers and not aquard or out of place, I can actually hold a conversation with someone.
S. Henderson
Support Worker
I have been seeing Natalee for depression and anxiety for several sessions and I have never felt so good. I understand why I feel this way and didn't realise I could feel better or this quickly. Natalee has helped where other therapists haven't. She really understands mental health and explains this in a way that makes sense and the treatments are practicle and easy to incorporate into everyday. I never felt so comfortable talking about difficult issues , Natalee really doesn't judge and is genuinely caring. I highly recommend Natalee if you are struggling with anything.
Tiffany Mitchell
Compliance Officer
Natalee has helped me understand myself and has helped my relationship to blossom and be the best it can be with her gentle, soft nature. Talking to Natalee is a breeze and makes every session relaxing which makes you feel as though your talking on a friendship base not just as your regular counsellor. I can’t thank her enough for her services and would highly recommend her to everyone!
Rachael Russell
I have known Natalee Cooper since 2019. She helped me through my relationship issues and then recommended I do Creatrix to help me get rid of my limiting beliefs permanently but I wasn’t ready. Since 2019, I have been to psychologists, energy workers, healers, hypnotherapists and life coaches. I have done self-development courses, retreats, positive affirmations, meditations all to change my mindset and beliefs but nothing worked. I was still feeling the exact same way and I might as well have flushed the money I spent down the toilet. The feeling of not being loved, supported, appreciated, accepted and not good enough. Procrastinating because I was too scared to start anything because I knew that if I was successful in that thing I worked so hard for, it could be taken away from me in an instant. On the other hand, I felt fear of failure because I didn’t know how my idea/goal I had in my mind would turn out. I was not able to let go of certain situations, people or trauma that has happened to me in the past because it was my identity for so long and I was scared. I just wanted it all to go away but I didn’t know how. Throughout my entire life, no matter how depressed I was, I knew there was so much more fo life and I knew what I was capable of, I just couldn’t see it because my limiting beliefs had physically put a filter over my eyes. I kept self-sabotaging myself in all areas of my life and got in my own way. How I was feeling was a reflection of me and no one else. After all the self-development work I had done, I knew I had to reprogram my subconscious to clear my limiting beliefs to be able to take responsibility and take back control of my life but I needed help as I felt like I couldn’t go through it alone. 3 weeks ago, I decided to contact Natalee Cooper as I finally felt ready to do Creatrix. I chose Nat as my Creatrix Transformologist because I had already built that rapport and trust with her in 2019. Nat already knew my story and what I had been through. She had gone through the Creatrix process herself so I knew I would feel supported by her. Natalee has always listened to me and the advice she has given me has genuinely helped me. She is one of the most incredible, amazing, kind, caring and supportive women, counsellor’s and Creatrix Transformologist’s I have ever met. After 3 sessions I have cleared 10 limiting beliefs permanently and after the process they have gone from being a 10/10 to a 0/10. My experiences after the Creatrix have been profound. My eyes are clearer, I try and search for that limiting belief attached to that feeling I had before and it’s not there, I can breathe better, there is no resistance or fear in my body anymore. Yes, Natalee guided me to clear my limiting beliefs but I wholeheartedly know I have cleared them myself and my heart and life is finally being set free. I highly recommend Natalee because she has helped me gain back control of my life and to me that is priceless. She has always believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I am finally able to go out and create the life I want to live without anything or anyone holding me back and my future self thanks me and you for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do Natalee. There will never be enough words to express how I feel but I am just so grateful our journeys crossed paths.
Roxy Jackson
I have seen Natalee for Transpersonal coaching. I have never met anyone who works the way Natalee does. She really is holistic and has helped me understand and learn about how the mind, body and spirit causes issues if there are imbalances. Natalee's spiritual background is very helpful and she can see the perspectives that I find doctors and psychologists don't. I have also had Reiki sessions with Natalee and have felt so relaxed and calm afterward. She really understands energy and healing from all aspects. Her gift is truly amazing.
Hannah Marshall
Mum of 3
I highly recommend Holistic Wellness Australia I have seen them for counselling and breakthroughs and have had amazing results. I have seen a psychologists for 15 years and never got the results I have within a couple of months with Natalee. She is understanding and doesn't judge me like I have felt with psychologists. Natalee's knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and PTSD is beyond any psychologist I have seen and I feel completely confident in talking to her about things that I have not been able to share with anyone before. Thank you for your support Natalee.
Natalee is a caring and considerate counsellor, an excellent facilitator and trainer and always has the well being of her clients as her priority.
Love my sessions with Natalee! I feel like I learn a lot about myself, and go deeper into understand my own dynamics. I find Natalee extremely helpful as she able to help me out in every aspect of myself including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Natalee is extremely lovely, caring, and easy to talk to about anything. She really does take everything into account. I highly recommend her treatment!
I had so much trouble finding someone like Natalee that is a counsellor and open and understanding to different religious and spiritual beliefs. It makes counselling so much better when I can talk about these beliefs and not feel like I am being judged as insaine. Natalee has helped me in ways I could only have thought an angel could help with. I am sure you are God Sent. When life seemed so hard she helped me to push through and never gave up on me. Thank you.
Samantha Kittle
Retail Business Owner
Natalee is a wonderful counsellor. She has a very calming, relaxing presence and really listens to you, and makes you feel at ease. I saw her for a number of weeks after being robbed at knife point, and she was truly amazing and a massive contributor to my recovery. I highly recommend her to anyone, whether you’re dealing with a traumatic incident, or just need someone to talk to. You won’t regret it.
David Smith
Martial Artist
Dear Natalee, I am so thankful to have you be part of my journey. As a Transformologist you have released me from some of my "Biggest" blocks such as "I feel fake," fear of "Not being good enough" and "Inadequacy." Thank you for making me feel so at ease. You are an amazing Transformologist xx
Natalee is an amazing women - warm & caring with great intuition. She has made a profound difference to my life helping me to get rid of debilitating blocks and negative emotions that have held me back in my life, despite the fact I've run a successful business over the past 11 years. Imagine what I can achieve now. I'm so excited for my future now that there are no limitations!
Karen Waitt
Business Coach & Consultant
Thank you Natalee for the freedom you have facilitated for me in my thinking. Releasing the emotions and fears of "judged" "avoid" and "I don't want to lose her" will allow much greater joy into my life. You have a lovely encouraging manner. Thanks Love Roz?
Roz Townsend
Natalee performed counselling and training services for one of my companies BFA. In her time with our company, Natalee proved to be a compassionate, effective and professional counsellor, as well as an engaging, knowledgeable passionate trainer. I recommend Natalee's services due to the high quality of work that she provided us over the years.
Josh Sheinberg
Business Owner
Natalee is an excellent educator who excels in providing her students with a comprehensive learning journey. Natalee embeds her extensive industry experience in her teaching practices so that her students move seamlessly into their chosen counselling careers confident in the skills and knowledge that Natalee has imparted. She is a role model to her Counselling and Mental Health Students.
Susan Maxwell-Mahon
Senior RTO Advisor Training Quality