Holistic Wellness Assessment

Holistic Wellness Assessments

What is Wellness?

Wellness is  the absence of disease and the feeling of being connected and in a good space within the self mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and where you can enjoy life.

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states determine your overall health and well-being.

Your lifestyle, habits and unhealed past events can cause disease of the mind, body and soul.

Modern medicine seeks to fix the symptoms of disease and use methods of diagnosis and treatment. They focus very little on lifestyle, education and  healing the root causes of disease let alone acknowledge the mind-body-spirit connections. Modern medicine categorizes all people with specific symptoms as having the same disease. They assume this means the cause is the same. This is different to how mind-body-spirit medicine sees disease. Each person has their unique experiences and the body holds the messages that when deciphered and listened to correctly opens a space for healing.

We believe the body is capable of healing itself if given the right environment to do so. This means the right mental space, the right understanding of how the body-mind-spirit connections work and the support to bring about the healing that is required for the individual.

Our therapist looks at all the levels of your system and helps you decipher these messages and then build a plan for recovery. Our therapist will support you on your wellness journey and will also help you connect to other therapists that can also support you.

For the most comprehensive Holistic Wellness Assessment our therapist will take 1-3 sessions to completely map your wellness plan.