Safe and Sound Protocol

Nourish and awaken the nervous system. Feel better Think better Connect better

Feel better

Feel Better

Feel calmer, safer, more grounded and resilient. Feel less irritable, anxious and overwhelmed.

Think Better

Think Better

Think more clearly, attentively, and creatively. Think less rigidly, disorganized and distracted.

Connect better with others

Connect Better

Connect more openly, genuinely and wholly. Connect less guarded, distant and oppositional.

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SSP Connect Core and Balance


Warm up the nervous system with a gentle and slow introduction, establish familiarity and a sense of safety.


The original 5-hour listening program designed to wake up, exercise and open the nervous system, to build capacity and achieve reduced sensitivity and a more resilient physiological state.


Continue to stabilize and maintain a sense of calm and grounding, and further integrate the benefits
of SSP Core.

Who Can Benefit from SSP

Those with the following features might benefit from using the SSP:

The SSP is a research-based therapy showing significant results in just five days in the following areas:

More information on Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory, or the “science of feeling safe,” is another one of the key research advancements that helps us better understand our challenges and gives us a foundational framework for non-invasive ways to support them.

Developed by world-renowned researcher and Unyte-iLs Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Stephen Porges. 

Polyvagal Theory focuses on what is happening in the body and the nervous system, and explains how our sense of safety, or danger or threat, can impact our behavior.

Understanding Polyvagal Theory gives us a scientific framework that can be applied through physiological, or “bottom-up” (Body to mind) therapies, to help change and improve how we feel, think and connect with others. 

The SSP program, is facilitated by qualified and certified professionals, employs a practical bottom-up approach to help people regulate their nervous system more consistently and independently.

How SSP can Help with Behavioural Issues

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