Finding Guidance with Psychic Readings

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There are many types of readings available please choose what sounds like it fits best for your situation and needs.

Mediumship Readings


Mediumship readings are for people who want to know that their passed loved ones are still with them, very specific information is given that is personal to you and the person who has passed.


Please note that due to free will it is entirely up to spirit if they choose to come through from the spirit world. There are many reasons they may choose not to come through.


A Psychic Medium cannot guarantee that the exact person in spirit you want to come through will. You are welcome to bring any items that may have belonged to them or may have been in contact with or any photos of those you wish to connect with. A medium may also tune into other spirits you have around you without any prompting, photos or names.


During a reading it is actually best you  don’t give too much information if any to the reader to ensure the reader has tuned into the soul you are looking to connect with. You can confirm the information after the reader has given it to you but its best to relax listen with an open heart and to just let spirit guide you to the inner truth and the information you need to know right now. When the reading begins the medium may read your energy.


Tarot Readings


Tarot readings are conducted by using a specific deck of cards where each card has specific meanings. The Tarot deck holds 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. There are 22 Major Arcana cards representing life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, and 56 Minor Arcana cards reflecting the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis.


Within the Minor Arcana cards, there are 16 Tarot Court Cards representing 16 different personality characteristics we may choose to express at any given time. The Minor Arcana also includes 40 numbered cards organised into 4 Suits, with 10 cards each, similar to a deck of playing cards and they each represent various situations that we may encounter day-to-day.


A Tarot reader will ask you to shuffle the cards and think about the questions or situation you want answers on, then they will lay the cards in a spread which is a layout that gives each card a position and further meaning. There are many spread types to help with different issues. There are relationship spreads, year cycle spreads, partner spreads, general spreads, decision spreads and 100’s more. Be sure to speak to your reader about what your topic is but don’t give too much information, for example you can ask for a relationship spread or a spread for career.


Oracle Card Readings


Oracle card readings are readings done with a deck of cards that are different to Tarot. There are thousands of different Oracle card decks and each one varies in what information they can bring you. Speak to your reader about what you are looking for and sometimes readers will have many decks which you can choose from a deck that resonates with you. For example you can get decks that share messages from angels, or ones that hold specific symbolism and traits such as Celtic, Egyptian, Native American Indian, Greek Mythology, Animal Totems.


Psychometry Readings


Psychometry is a form of psychic reading where the reader uses physical contact with a clients possessions. Psychometry readers may ask you to bring your favorite or most meaningful objects, such as wedding rings, glasses, car keys. If you want the reader to tell you about someone else you can bring a possession from the other person to the reading. The belief is that objects which are in close proximity to a person for extended periods of time hold some of that person’s ‘energy’. This method has been used in attempts to locate missing persons.


Medical Intuitive Readings


These intuitive readings are conducted by the reader tuning into your bodies energy systems. A medical intuitive can often sense ailments and issues in your body or energy fields. These in no way meant to be used in place of medical treatment or scans but can help find issues that are underlying or sense them before they have even manifested in the physical body. A medical intuitive often also works as an energy healer and will be able to help work on the energy fields to help aid healing. Healing is always your responsibility and a healer can only do so much. You must take responsibility for what the issues are and do what is required to heal yourself. This may include a change in diet, stopping alcohol or smoking or leave toxic environments or relationships.


Numerology Readings


Numerology is has been used for centuries and uses specific meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. Numerical values such as your date of birth, numbers associated with the letters in your names, etc. Numerology can be used to understand characters of your own and others and how you relate to others and why you may clash with others. You can find understanding about your life path and purpose and whether you hold Karma in this life tied over from a past life. Numerology can be used to help you understand days, months and years that may be deemed good or negative or days to make or not make decisions.


Astrology Readings


Astrology is a way of reading which comes from the stars at the time of your birth. Many people follow either Western Astrology or Chinese Astrology. Astrology is a complex mapping of the planets and their alignments at the exact time and place you were born. Each planet and position has significant meaning relating to your character, traits, likes and dislikes, family life, career prospects, and much more. Astrology can be used on a personal level or on a community or world level and can predict what events are likely to happen. Our Astrology readings will provide you with an in depth birth chart mapped to you. You will need to know your date and time of birth and location for the most precise reading. If you don’t know the exact time you were born you can still do a chart but it may be out in some areas that change quickly in the alignments of the planets, however some planets stay in our charts for many years so you can still get a relatively accurate reading.


Flower Readings


A flower reading is a form of  psychometry and Earth Magik from Ancient times. To have a flower reading you are required to pick a flower from the garden directly before going to your reading and hand it to the reader. No one else can touch the flower between you picking it and giving it to the reader. The flower must be picked not bought from a shop. A reader can tell a lot about your character and current situation based on the flower you pick and the Earth spirits share messages with the reader about any issues you have. When you pick the flower kindly ask the flower if it will allow you to pick it as a tool for guidance and it will always help to give an offering of something to the Earth in exchange for the flower. You may provide water, plant food, a crystal or a prayer to mother Earth in exchange.


Our Psychic Reader


Our Reader has 28 years of experience in providing readings for clients worldwide. She is able to provide all the types of readings listed above if they align with you. Our reader has the utmost respect for working with energy and the spirit realms and holds sacred ceremonial space that is cleansed and will only bring through messages that come from higher levels of spiritual guidance. If you have any questions please feel free to email them our center and we will have our psychic medium answer them for you.


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