Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal counselling

What is Transpersonal Counselling?

Transpersonal means beyond the personal, beyond the ego.

It is also known as Psycho-Spiritual counselling which refers to the relationship between the mind and soul

Transpersonal counselling is a form of counselling that takes into account that there is a relationship between the mind and the soul that resides beyond the person and ego.

What Does This Mean?

A Transpersonal Psycho-Spiritual counsellor has an understanding of Jungian Theories. Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist developed many theories such as analytic theory, the theory of the unconscious mind, the collective unconscious and the ego, the archetypes, dream interpretation among others.

A counsellor with a background in Transpersonal psycho spiritual counselling has an expanded view of life. They recognise the complexity and mystery of life and takes into account belief systems, the unconscious, conscious and ego, consciousness, energy systems, intuition & psychic abilities, karmic aspects, various states of awareness and  metaphysical phenomenon.

They see the world from a broader perspective than a counsellor that believes the mind is the only part of us that is responsible for our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and our life path.

A transpersonal counsellor understands there are higher states of being for example meditative experiences, paranormal experiences, dreaming. They can see a spiritual link to disease and psychological states like depression or anxiety. They are aware of the deeper reasons for relationships and why people come and go in our lives. They consider the messages behind experiences in the context of our lives and help find meaning in and support in finding direction in life. They may be teachers and intuitive healers and have their clients best interest at heart as well as the interest all living things.

Our counsellor has more than 20 years experience in  transpersonal counselling and healing therapies.

If you are a spiritual person and are looking to resolve any issues that you might normally see a counsellor for but would like someone who understands the spiritual aspects of life then make a session with our counsellor a call today.

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