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About Us

Holistic Wellness Australia formally Enriching Horizons was established in 2011 to support people’s mental health and wellbeing with holistic therapies that are provided by qualified and registered therapists.


Our aim is to provide quality professional holistic health services that will heal, transform and enrich the quality of people’s lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide alternate holistic therapies that support wellness, peace, harmony, healing, and growth so you can overcome any obstacle and go on to live balanced, empowered lives and fulfill your potential


Holistic Wellness Australia delivers holistic services aimed to support and achieve wellness of mind, body and spirit. We support you to enrich and enhance your life and ease the stress so you can find and maintain your passion, purpose and zest for life. Our focus is on providing professional support and education to help create a healthy mind, body and spirit and support you to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

At Holistic Wellness Australia we see disease as a DIS-EASE within the self. The disease can be anything from an illness, tension or stress. Disease can also show in our lives as unhealthy behaviors, coping strategies or habits, or substance use. Disease stems from an unhealed trauma that separates our self from the body, mind and spirit. The trauma may not seem to be what many class as a trauma however the body and mind see it as a trauma. A baby can see a mother’s sneeze as traumatic, we see this when the baby shows a startle response to the sneeze. If the baby is left unattended and not consoled and loved after this event fears and trauma start to shape the child’s experience.

Trauma is not the cause of disease but rather the way the trauma was NOT healed/resolved after the event causes disease.

Healing is not just about treating symptoms but is about finding the root or original wounding. We know that to heal physical, mental or emotional pain and suffering, you must go into the depths of the wound and understand why it is there and what it is telling you so you can release and heal it.

This process involves compassionate inquiry and understanding yourself, the many areas of your life, your past, your beliefs, your reactions, your triggers, your mind, your ancestry and then may require forgiveness, letting go, releasing anger, frustration, sadness, grief and finding acceptance so you can learn how to love yourself.

The path of healing can be challenging but it is if taken seriously the most rewarding and enlightening experience that leads to love, joy, fulfillment and purpose.

To bring about healing we know that we need to create safety, peace, love and harmony within every cell in the body.

This involves healing the:

Mind through understanding your story and the meaning it holds for you and then processing it in a way that allows healing to take place.

Body through diet, movement, exercise and somatic release therapies and massage.

Soul through re-connection to the self, inner-child and shadow healing, energy healing, meditation, and connection to self and then others.

Our practitioners believe complete healing comes when you heal on all levels

Mind, Body and Spirit.

*Please ensure you read our Disclaimer for services that are

We have a registered and qualified trauma and behavioral counsellor who is also qualified in the Safe and Sound Protocol which is a leading treatment for issues where there is nervous system dis-regulation such as Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asperger’s and many more.
Our counsellor is a spiritual and open-minded therapist that combines psychological therapies and alternative spiritual practices and beliefs for holistic mind body and spirit wellness.
We support men, women and businesses.
We offer Counselling, Coaching, Reiki and Psycho-spiritual and Transpersonal services for the mind body and spirit.
We support parents and children of all ages from babies to teens with a range of issues including behavioral, feeding, sleep, school, relationships, career and sports.



We are located in Elimbah near the Glasshouse Mountains 45 – 60 minutes North of Brisbane and 40 minutes from Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia.

We see local, rural and national clients.

Sessions can be Face to Face or via Phone or Zoom Video Call whichever is most convenient for you.

Check our Contact Page for Exact Location and how to book.


We can help with: